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I adore webcomics! You discover new ideas and styles of drawing from different people  and it is a great way to procrastinate ;)
So, if you feel just like me, I want to suggest you a few very nice webcomics I found up until to now. If you have one to share, tell me please. ^^

:heart: First of all, I want to start with "original" ones, that aren't based off an already existing manga or something. Those need extra love :love: ; )) The link leads you straight to the web comic's Gallery Folder/First Page.
:bulletpurple: - mix of awesomeness (comedy, mystery, romance, serious, entertainment…)
:bulletred: yaoi/yuri/smut
:bulletyellow: exceptionally funny entertaining
:bulletorange: smutty and funny

:bulletpurple: Will Work for Blood by Shanne… - a vampire that hates blood, a crow dealing with puberty, a trouble attracting trickster, an interesting style of drawing and colouring (some future slash ;P), all this makes this comic up

:bulletpurple: Trying Human by IntroducingEmy &nbs… link leads you to the official website) – a touching, mysterious and funny story about the alien Hue and the human Rose

:bulletred: Teahouse by ??? - very smutty smut (slash and hetero up until now) interesting style of drawing with soft creamy colours, fascinating characters (and clothes) and funny inputs

:bulletyellow: Romantically Apocalyptic by alexiuss… amazingly well drawn HQ-comic, with weird, morbid humour and a crazy Captain in New York City after a nuclear bombing

:bulletyellow: Welcome to Hell by real-faker… a whacky story about an adolescent serial killer that goes to hell and makes a deal with the devil – very interesting style and nice variations in the presentation of the progress of the story

:bulletyellow: Hanna is not a boy's name by Tessa Stone - well, what can I say? Visually striking, colourful, innovative and funny comic that evolves around the paranormal investigator Hanna Falk and his (undead, living dead....?) partner {...}

NEW --> :bulletpurple: The Plague Doctor by oomizuao… 7 page long comic, "yet" it is very captivating. The doctor is on his way to his clients - with plague and death by his side.

:bulletyellow: Gallows Humor by KougaWuvsgallowshumorcomics.deviantart.… -  Alma, a human girl, gets regularly visited by the Greek Death God Tanathos, because she once helped him to get rid of a hell hound - NO romance between the two of them, rather malice! Also, no mary sue-ish traits and a good portion of cynicism!

:bulletyellow: So you're a Cartoonist? by TomPreston… - A cartoonist tells us about his daily life, dealing with deadlines, persistant customers etc etc

:bulletyellow: Everything from Humon… Niels, Scandinavia and the World, Love and Tentacles, you name it, all of her stories kick ass

:bulletpurple: Risky Insanity Pitiless by arashini… Really nice art, funny. About a soul reaper that comes to our world. (tbh, i don't know too much about this one. COULD BE bleach-based as the author is a huge fan)

:bulletorange://:bulletyellow: Go Get a Roomie by nana-51… hilarious comic about a hippie-flippie cute lesbian called Roomie that offers sex in turn for a place to sleep ;P

:bulletred: :bulletorange: Doctor Voluptua by joshl - An additional red point you may ask? Well, this webcomic more than deserves it! It is really really smutty but SO entertaining!! Doctor Voluptua helps her clients to overcome their sexual problems, be it percyphobia (fear of teh penis) or sex addiction! The style reminds me of GGaR, but then again...just check it out, it sure is worth it!!

:bulletblack: Chimneyspeak by ??? - Black for "gods i have no clue what colour might remotely fit this webcomic, but it sure as hell is intriguing!!". As the name suggests, it deals with the criminals of London (complete with authentic Gutterspeak) ; more specifically with the female guildleader of the prostitutes, one of her hitman (aka guy that does any kinda job) and a noble lady turned into a homicidal lunatic because of a little scar said hitman gave her accidently.
Still not interested? Well, then there is no help for you, good sir!

:bulletpurple: The Abominable Charles Christopher by Karl Kerschl… -- the wonderful, touching story of a half animal, half man being called Charles, who has to convince Mother Nature that we -humans- do not deserve a place in her creation. Mixed with funny side stories about the forest animals' lives, this is an amazingly executed idea - but slow paced.

Suggested by TaurusJ
:bulletyellow: Fey Winds by Lelenia
Fantasy story revolving around the ex-fox (you read right) Kit and her friends, looking for magical items that were touched by a powerful spirit called the Sylphe - HQ, W.I.T.C.H-y style

:bulletpurple: Check out some dA exclusive comics:
:iconangeldevilmanga: by GoldeenHerself
All done by one person. Amazing stuff
:bulletyellow: Also, the comics by pocket-picasso My dose of comic dramedy.

Suggested by FaeOfDoom
:bulletpurple: Blank It by ???… in 4-Panel-Form, this comic narrates the story of two guys in a very very weird, void, always repeating (or never ending?) dimension, where the laws of physic don't necessarily apply – funny and even a wee bit of a physics lesson

:bulletpurple: It Sucks to Be Weegie! by  Kevin Bolk… about Luigi (you know, Mario's brother?)– he's adorable, but … fails - to our amusement  

:heart: Avatar-based Comic (only one yet =O)

:bulletpurple: Usurp by Doozigitis… drawn, extremely well done facial expressions, wonderfully detailed, this comic tells us the story about the time of the war after avatar Roku died

:heart: Bleach-based Comic (whoops, only one yet too!)

:bulletpurple: Coming out of the Closet by nekoni… - yes, the title is an innuendo, yes, the comic is absolutely hilarious, yes, I do like it ; )

:heart: Naruto-based Comics

:bulletred: Akatsuki-Gakuen by RiseDarkMoon… - here we have the Akatsuki in a school setting(permanently high Kisame anyone?), having troubles with Espadas (Cross-Over alarm! ^^) and a sexy Konan that wants to make Pain jealous by starting somethiiiing :iconhurrplz: with Hidan

:bulletred: An Itachi x Sakura Doujinshi… laira87. Even if it deals with the rather common plot of Itachi wanting Sakura to heal him in some way (here he got poisoned), it's yet very touching, intelligently built up and well drawn!

:bulletyellow: The Staring Challenge… by the-pooper. As the title insinuates, Naruto calls Yamato out to a staring challenge. Let's see what will come of it...
The facial expression in this doujin are amazingly funny and well done

:bulletpurple: Failed Transfer by stephany-q-vin… - very funny Cross-Over between Star Wars and Naruto, with an OC that "kidnaps" Gaara

:bulletpurple: Naruto Heroes Path by Dedmerath… - a next generation Doji starring Naruto's and Hinata's daughter – awesome style and very funny

:bulletred: Check out Kaoyux's Dojinshi-Gallery, she has some smutty DeidaraxSasori stuff ;P
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